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Life is full of colours and sounds and its these that help give depth to our emotions.

It can be black or white or sprinkled with the colours of the rainbow. Sounds and smells conjure a myriad of sensations that add to the cooking pot of life.

Poetry is but the canvas begging us to pour out our inner stew.

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Latest Poems By Milly Hayward

  • The bond between child and mother
    stronger than most any other...

  • This world is filled with hate and war
    with greed and ego at the fore...

  • Gentle dove with crystal breath
    with plumes that touch my heart...

  • Milly in a wheelchair, that's what people see
    I'm sick and disabled, but still I am me...

  • They say that love lasts for a moment
    then naturally fades away...

Latest Quotes By Milly Hayward

  • Beliefs we hold solid in youth often become more fluid with age

    4 days ago
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  • When you go looking, you'll never find but out of the blue when least expected you meet the one for you

    3 weeks ago
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  • It can cut like a sword twist with deceit or set you free, but always truth extracts a price.

    3 weeks ago
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