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Life is full of colours and sounds and its these that help give depth to our emotions.

It can be black or white or sprinkled with the colours of the rainbow. Sounds and smells conjure a myriad of sensations that add to the cooking pot of life.

Poetry is but the canvas begging us to pour out our inner stew.

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Latest Poems By Milly Hayward

  • Billy Bromms is a borrower
    You know the type I'm sure...

  • The desert scratches sandy hand
    Across my throat it draws a band...

  • The party's kicked off, with quite a bang
    All my old friends, have come out to hang...

  • My mother in law is visiting
    Tomorrow just at three...

  • Catalyst (11) 10

    Oh dismal world you have me flung
    into the deepest pile of dung...

Latest Quotes By Milly Hayward

  • Its a sad puppy who discards a sausage when he has no clue when he will get his next meal

    1 month ago
    1 0
  • The hottest fire forges the strongest metal

    1 month ago
    3 0
  • "No cake became magnificent that was only half baked"

    1 month ago
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