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An IT guy by morning, a poet wanna-be by night. Nobody knows I write. It’s a secret I share with you poet strangers! Haha!

I mainly went to writing to recover from a depressive point of my life. It’s worked before on my old forgotten account and it’s been working again. ^^

As a total amateur (and really tbh, don’t really know anything), I choose to write poems that are rhymed which is (maybe) an episode of what I am currently feeling or going through or even a sudden feeling or idea while I am just alone with my head. ^^

Thanks for reading.

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  • Usually glowing and feeling bright
    To seem like there’s no pain in sight...

  • No brakes (6) 2

    I hate how time exists
    Everything changes...

  • A haunting secret lies beneath the sun
    Reflecting clearly on clean waters...

  • How does one bid farewell
    after a long joyous companionship...

  • I’m like a flower grown from a seed
    Waiting to bloom and brightly shine...

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  • If someone is legitimately interested in you, that person would make sure you know so that you wouldn’t need to guess.

    5 months ago
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