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I am just a person who wants to express myself through poems anonymously

I have always felt disconnected in an awkward way from the world. Though I had friends which number I could easily count, I still feel a little different and I am always cautious if I am putting off people with my personality.

At the same time, I am cautious about what I share with people and I don’t like opening myself to just anyone. I just always feel like people are disinterested of me and doesn’t really care about whatever I want to talk about so I just reserve myself and my feelings to one person which I am truly thankful to have. Because of that person, I felt less lonely, less awkward and less cautious.

Even these things, I’ve had second thoughts on sharing anonymously as this is like stage 1 of my true personality. Ridiculous right? But I hope you can understand how different I may be from you. If we are the same, that’s great for this revelation of mine must have made you feel less lonely. :)

Thank you for reading and visiting.

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