My Dear Grandad-R.I.P

by Jodie Phillips

The time has come
To say our goodbyes,
You have suffered so much
As the years have gone by.

So hard, it's been for you
But you held on so long,
Rest peacefully in heavens home
Now that you are gone.

I will keep my head high
Even if it's a front,
I will do it for you
I know that's what you would want.

Don't be worrying about Nan,
Your special loving wife,
I will keep her safe
Thats a promise for life.

As for "your Son John"
Jackie and Pam,
I will keep them on their toes
For as long as I can.

I can imagine you worrying
Like you always did,
The slightest little thing
And you'd be worried to bits.

But that was my Granddad
Thoughtful and kind,
Ready to lend a helping hand
No matter what, you'd never mind.

As for all the family
I know you are proud,
And it's only because of you
We are such a close crowd.

You were the best Granddad
I could ever have asked for,
I never would have asked
For anything more.

My very fond memories
I will carry forever,
My special Granddad
I will forget you never.

May you now rest in peace
In the Heavens above,
You will be sadly missed
But forever loved.

All that is left
For me to say,
Is Goodbye for now
Until we meet again one day.

Love ya Gramps, still miss you ever day.


Submission date : 2008-04-14

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Latest comments

Mike Wilburn ( C ) at 2008-04-14

My very fond memories
I will carry forever,
My special Granddad
I will forget you never

Loving praise, the most special of all. An excellent tribute to a good man.

CY GINDLE ( F P C ) at 2008-04-15

SWEET im sure he's was looking over your
shoulder as you wrote beautiful poem and
a tear fell from his eye. 5/5