Tears of Rejection

by Lu

Tears of Rejection

Distant memories encounter solitary echoes
days of wonder tumble through time
Clock ticks unmelodious beats
again to hear, another church bell chime

Beauty seized by the hand of age
ancient soles shuffle blind
Love of kin remains a silent knock
slapping the senescent, heart and mind

Tears whirl and stream the creases
forlornness has walked it's final stroll
Praying for the Lord's arms of comfort
Please ! carry home this lonely soul

* A visit to an elderly Parent, Grandparent, Friend or one who is sick can mean the world to them. As they sit
alone each day hearing the church bell chime with the loss of another friend, they know their time is coming closer with each ring of the bell.

NO ONE should die alone or live in loneliness ! *


Submission date : 2008-10-08
Last edit : 2008-10-11

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Latest comments

Marc Ortiz ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-22

Congrats on the win.

This poem really deserves to win that. Your words are like magic - It really amazes me. The flow is like a water, flowing gently in the calm sea. Excellent poem.

Distant memories encounter solitary echoes
^ One of the best opener I have ever read. It had so much impact to me.

ancient soles shuffle blind
^ My favorite line. Somehow I really like the sound of the order of words you have used here.

forlornness has walked it's final stroll
^ Excellent language used.

Please ! carry home this lonely soul
^ one word to describe the ending. Amazing.

Please keep writing.
P.S. Thanks for the title suggestion. :)

[ Praised by Lu | Approved by Sherry Lynn ]

Jamila ( D ) at 2008-10-22

Love this poem. so meaningful. Great Job. :) 5/5

Natalie84 ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-28

Luane? I almost forgot who you were? It's been so long!

This is freaking fabulous! Wow...I'm in awe right now. Partly because I've seen it and their eyes when you walk whether or not they know who you are or not...they sparkle! People love people...especially in those times...

Sadly beautiful!! Wonderful write! So glad I was able to come by and sample what you're doing these days.

Off to work the 2nd half of my day...but I will be back!!!

Hope you're doing well!

D Jhun ( F C ) at 2009-01-09

Great work. Pretty as gorgeous woman. I love it!

Nema ( F C D ) at 2009-05-31

I swear you brought tears to my eyes with this piece..
Thanks for the explanation..this was very heart-wrenching Luu.
I loved your ending..though it brings tears to the heart.
Well done babe.
Love you a lot xx

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