Without You

by ShootingStar179   Mar 19, 2008

Remember when we were best friends?
We could do anything together,
That lasted for a decade,
Even after you moved.

Then we fought over a boy,
How could we do that?
It felt like whenever you came to visit,
It was to see him.

Did you know that I hated that?
I don't think Ive felt worse about myself,
Than when you were with him,
Instead of me.

You should have realized something,
He didn't like girls,
Yet, you were still obsessed,
Way to throw away a friendship.

One night you were going to meet my new friends,
You were so excited to come up,
Of course that was a lie,
You ditched me to hang out with him!

I was worried out of my mind!
All you did was sit in the parking lot with him!
Do you know how much you hurt me?
That was the first time you made me cry.

I knew then that we were growing apart,
You shattered the last of our withering relationship,
I came down to visit you and see a play,
Your ex-boyfriend was there.

He also happened to be one of my best friends,
But apparently I flirt with every guy I meet,
I am heartless, as you said,
At least thats what you told your mother so she would call mine and forbid me to talk to you.

When friends fight, they fix it,
But not you.
You're too good for that.

After I apologized,
which was a horrible mistake,
You walked all over my feelings,
And every time we spoke, I hated myself.

So you'll never be my best friend again,
You ruined my trust for people,
I still worry about you,
But you don't need me anymore.

Old friend, I miss you sometimes,
Or should I say, the way you used to be,
But I thank you for changing me,
I'm a better person because of you,

I'm stronger and smarter,
I love people, but not all at once,
I am reserved but I am a friend,
Unlike some people I know.

When you go on to a life full of drama,
Because thats what you do best,
Remember the girl you crushed in your path,
And know I lived my way.
Without you.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Cindy

    We treasure our friends so much. When one of them hurts us it is very painful. I don't think we ever forget this. You have pened the pain very good in this piece.
    Love Cindy

  • 14 years ago

    by Aaron Deevers

    A very powerful poem, I can relate in certian areas.

    "Old friend, I miss you sometimes,
    Or should I say, the way you used to be,
    But I thank you for changing me,
    I'm a better person because of you,"

    A old friend is a friend, but even the worst of things can bring out bright things. You can also gain respect from others. Don't let it keep you down, life has many friends and people willing to help, take care.

  • 14 years ago

    by Lu

    Aww Courtney hun I can feel the tears that fall from your pen. It seems it's the ones we love the most that .... hurt us the deepest.

    A heart wrenching piece you've penned here dear heart .... when we loose a friend, it's feels as though we have lost a part of our soul.

    Chin up sweets, ~big hugs~

  • 14 years ago

    by Ingrid


    It's good to write it all down. These things happen and they can really crush your heart. Sometimes a best friends is even more important than a boyfriend and to have that taken from you is so awfull...

    Take care and be strong girl!


    5/5 Ingrid