by Fluffy   May 9, 2008

When the red cloud melted last night, the sleeves of my
affection sat drenched in the memories of our past.
The accusation lies silent in a bed of clay; the once pure
hearted fruit now spits fear in my mouth. The blue moon
cowers before the silver-copper stars, hanging in blankets
of profound sapphire...a cold blue. To escape the lines in
my fingers and making holes in my neck, broken sand
defeats the dream I always had. Embittered kisses trace a
non-existent love; the evergreen daises painted an idyllic
scene that only you were meant to find. The death in
your fingers awoke a sullen tone in my once kind hearted
persona; yet belief, much to your dismay, conquered my
The line fails to meet a sound, definitive junction...an
ambiguous road. Breathe in a realm of changes and salute
with the sinful hand, tattoo the mind of love with his
forever destructive plans. Base words print the weight of
my feet into the earth I remember growing from, like a
determined tree.

Alas...time, time itself is a mendacious and deceiving condition.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Aureus Argentum

    You're phenomenal! Truly brilliant. I love all your work… wow, you’re just brilliant, I think.
    This is just... beyond words. I swear; I'll judge you artistically... I thought this was bloody marvelous, I think. :) 5/5