A Lost Poet, Trying to Make it Through

by Joyce Duboise   May 21, 2008

Lets write some Poetry,
Or maybe Some lyrics,
I scream into my pillow,
So nobody can hear it.

I step outside,
I need to excuse myself
Im about to Lose my mind
I need to get away for some help

Dont speak to me
I do not know you
Why am I so alone
Lost,Cold,Lonely and Blue

Its all me
There is no you
Forgive me Lord
For I am through

Dont try to help me
You are not there
Forgive Me Lord,
You are everywhere.

I close my eyes
And picture you and me
Open your eyes
Because you cannot see

Watch yourself
I will make you fall
Get a grasp on ya life
Cuz ive done seen it all

Dont smile at me
Dont try and touch my heart
Theres no saving me
You seen it from the start

Look at yourself
Who are you to me
I take a look at myself
I will never be free

Forget your Rules,
Your morals and your standards
Let go of me
I am to hard to Handle

Step outside of yourself
Step into me
Yeah you feel it now
What do you see?

Hurt and Pain
No Love and Affection
A Life not worth Living
No freedom of Opinion

Try to smile
It isnt gonna happen
I step into you
And fall back Laughin

This is what you see
When you look in the mirror?
It must be nice,
Not shedding a tear

I want myself back
I hate being you
Guess im Stuck with me
Its the end, Im Through

Written By: Joyce Duboise


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  • 15 years ago

    by Tori

    That was great
    I loved it...
    I was just wondering though...
    not that its my business
    but do you actually feel that way???
    Ok well