by x.Athame.x   Jun 7, 2008

The day piles on and eyes are shut
just yet another foolish s l u t
be unique and don't give in
conforming is the only sin

draw blood; she must pay
"whatever gets you through today"
smoke in the air nice and thick
the drugs are just another trick

wear a hoodie in order to hide
darkly outline each eye
just follow along without a thought
pay up; friendship is bought

people so shallow horribly fake
ready to pounce on your first mistake
the people; her so called friends
would never be there til the end

they'll be there if you agree
to suit and fill their every need
then if you decide to stop
you'll see exactly what you've got

dresses different and they all stare
have a problem; they aren't there
"be yourself" they all say
and when she is they turn away

so now i'm here with my eyes shut
realizing i'm just a foolish s l u t
"don't conform" is "all i needed to do"
so be unique "just like you"

shed the dark clothes open my eyes
how sweet were the venomous lies
so if to have friends i must be owned
i would rather stand all alone


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  • 11 years ago

    by XSugarSexSuicideX

    I'm totally up for saying that this is all wrong, but hey. Maybe it isn't talking about me. Because I am TOTALLY there for you, Pixx!

    <3 Rixx