Lingering Warmth

by x.Athame.x   Feb 23, 2009

Lurking amongst gloomy shadows what terror lies there; down below
heart flutters nervously, forget, forget let go; fall into chaos
plummeting, feet falling out, crumbling beneath sinking dead weight
try to forget, hope to lose, waiting for it to become memories
no longer living this erratic life, it lives solely in the past
plead to be caught, beg to be held, wishing to stand not torn to pieces
the mirror lies [the glass must be broken] sad face is unfamiliar
the flowers don't look as vibrant now, the stars don't glow nearly as bright
goosebumps appear as limbs tremble, breathing haggard in the darkness
hate, love, distrust a swirl of emotion raining onto the concrete
don't touch; don't watch simply hide far far away in vague recollection
hide where no light may shine where no warmth still lingers in the silent air
hide where this love may finally disappear [where he will mean nothing]


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  • 11 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    What else can I say I am very impressed

  • 11 years ago

    by Mezmeryz

    Hi, i have to say, at first sight the length of this (the fact that it looks likea flow of words) put me off, however, as i read on, i realised just how beautiful a write this is. I love it because you wrote your emotions just how they are and its so sad, deep and heartfelt, i could almost feel your pain. i truly enjoyed your use of vocabulary/language, and the imagery was awesome too.

    the flowers don't look as vibrant now, the stars don't glow nearly as bright

    ^^my favourite line!! so naturally expressed your feelings, I love it!

    Maybe its just me, but i think i would have enjoyed reading it a little more, if you layed this out as stanzas, spaced it out a bit, rather than making it look like a flow of words... =] Just what i think.
    But your words are truly beautiful, no doubt.

    Well done, don't stop writing.

    MEZi x