2 am

by tearsforeveryscar   Jun 20, 2008

It's 2 am and it's just two alone now
It's gotten so far, so painful but we don't know how
Soft tears fall to the ground
But I still try not to fall to pieces whenever you're around

We talk about the things that weigh upon our minds
That start from this and move to that, things of all different kinds
You wipe away the tears you can
But because of my past, I flinch at just the little touch of your hand

You ask what's on my mind, what's wrong
And as much as I want to tell you, I'm just not that strong
But we sit out all night in the back of your truck
Crying and crying not knowing what to say and feeling stuck

Its not you, I tell you, I swear its not
Maybe its just cold feet, with you and me going to tie the knot
The little imperfections that are just starting to show
Though you ask if I'm going to leave you, the answer always, no

To comfort me you tell the story of us, I love the way you tell tale
But I see the pain in you're eyes when you talk of the times you would fail
I hug you and tell you that it's all ok, that I failed too
And the life comes back to your face and away goes all the blue

We talk about remembering to hold our heads high, stop looking at our shoes
That not everything that hits us will scar, some may not even bruise
Teaching each other to appreciate more than just what's on top
To keep digging till we find what we're look for, and until then not stop

I love the way you try to fix every scar
Even when you know most are just down too far
You reassure everything to me with every kiss
That when our day finally comes, it will be full bliss


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  • 11 years ago

    by Rodney Kirby

    About timei read some good poetry, very sweet, i finally read a poem on this site that was touching to me you write like i do. Rodney

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