The Angel of Secrets

by The Angel of Secrets   Jun 25, 2008

She walks along a road covered in branches and leaves,
Along with beggar's, angels of darkness and thieves.
They stop and stare for a stolen while,
As she walks down with a face in a smile.

The road gets darker, but her smile stays on,
As if she had never lost, always won.
The beggar's in filthy clothes are covered in dust,
Filthy by money, by blood and by lust.

The girl is often called an angel by name,
As if she had never been filled with shame.
A girl, so perfect, as if she never fell,
But she has seen lot's of things, she could never tell.

When she smiles, it is painted on as if she was in a frame,
But she has a monster inside she knows she can never tame.
She keeps it locked away in a closet inside her heart,
But she knows it will soon crack, soon fall apart.

Therefore she walks down the road to hell,
Where the voices scream and the monsters yell.
With golden, white wings she walks with the rebels,
Down to the angels of darkness, voices and devils.

The girl tosses a look behind her shoulder,
The wind ahead gets harder and colder.
Down her white cheek there falls a lonely tear,
As she faces the flames, faces her fear.

She screams for Gods mercy as they rip away her wings,
And the choir of darkness angels sings.
She can feel her the pain growl as her back bleeds,
She knows the Lord is the one she needs.

But by God she is abandoned, she has seen to much,
Ruined by blood, she doesn't deserve Gods touch.
She looks at the light, as she feels the flames begin,
And she screams for all the pain she's hiding within.

The angels of darkness rip away the innocence and faith,
They know what she's holding, they know about the hate.
Her desire to help others fade with the breeze,
And they rip away every bit there used to be of peace.

She looks up to the sky as they rip away her clothes,
And reveals all the scars only she knows.
She cries to the light to come help her with the pain,
But the light disappears and is replaced by rain.

She shuts her eyes as the darkness grows from her back,
Out there grows new wings, broken and black.
A black cloak, her, the darkness put around,
And she feels the power coming, she rises from the ground.

She flaps her wings and is lifted in the air,
Lifted by hate, by blood and despair.
She smiles to her slaves, as they now are,
She is in power, she can see their every scar.

The girl that used to be an angel of what's right,
Is now dragged in the middle, where no one has to fight.
No god or no devil, only people in pain that yell,
This is a darker version of what's known as hell.

Here, between the light and the darkness, she is the one that rules,
Here, there is no one without mistakes, only people, fools.
The people here has been to hell, but came back again,
Praying for God to come back, saying their last amen.

This is the place abandoned by God, completely forgot,
It is never cold and it is never hot.
The truth is, there are no feelings, you can't feel a thing,
Not hells pain, or what the heavens bring.

Here, she walks among her people, knowing they are doomed,
By tears and hate, by pain they are consumed.
There are no one willing to help them get back their wings,
Or go to the place they can rest, where the angels sings.

She knows she can never leave, but she wishes the others could,
To go to that place in heaven, so peaceful and so good.
She knows it's to late for her, as this is her final place,
This is her kingdom, nowhere to be found, fallen from grace.

She walks along the road again,
Feeling nothing, needing a friend.
Knowing she is stuck like this forever,
No one to take the hand of and walk away together.

She flies up in the dark skies and sees beyond,
Screaming for the last time, getting no respond.
She looks to her kingdom, to the slaves of her cold,
The ones who are the same as her, who nothing but pain tp hold.

She looks up to the sky, to the Lord above,
Crying for the fact, she will never love.
She is eaten by the monster she had hidden within,
She's tired of fighting and she finally gives in.

She falls to the ground as the wings lose their strength,
Because no one can take this kind of hurting in the length.
Again, the wings are ripped out, and given away,
Now she can feel again, but never face another day.

The wind blows through her blond, dirty hair,
And she curses herself for not being willing, not able to dare.
She could have tried, could have forgiven, but she was way to scared,
Because no one ever loved her and no one ever cared.

By everyone she was abandoned, no one willing to fight,
No one showing her where she could find this so called light.
So she lies there, naked, as the final piece of her heart turns to stone.
Finally, The Angel of Secrets, has found her last and broken home.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by ether

    There's a little too much repetition in here of filler words, it would be a lot easier to read if you had less.

    For example
    "Here, between the light and the darkness, she is the one that rules,
    Here, there is no one without mistakes, only people, fools.
    The people here has been to hell, but came back again,
    Praying for God to come back, saying their last amen."

    "Between the light and darkness, she is one that rules,
    Here, there is no one without mistakes, only fools.
    People here have been to hell, came back again,
    Praying for God to come back, upon their last amen."

    Also, there's an error in that stanza "has" should be "have".
    If you take out the filler words it cuts down the line length and improves flow.

    Again, I think this was dragged out a little too long with the same ideas repeated again and again. If you mention something and then come back to it that's fine but not if it's in every third stanza.

    Also, watch the "she" factor, meaning you repeat it too much.

    Other than that, the idea of this is good, as all of the poems I've read of yours have been. You really are quite the story teller, kudos.

    I'm going to give this a 4/5 because it took me longer than it should have to read it. It'll be interesting to see what your future work is like.

    jess ~

  • 10 years ago

    by dora

    Wow!! amazing poem, i looked at it being so long and thought 'this has to be good' lol and it realli was. all the lines were great! it was such a powerful piece. lot of emotion in it also. great job! 5/5 xo.

  • 10 years ago

    by Ray Blue

    Fantabulous poem. I wish the ending could be different. I couldn't distinguish the true irony since all lines are so ironic. Overall, its a great poem... 5/5!

  • 10 years ago

    by linkhorizon

    Breathtaking! i read it at least twice. keep up the beautiful work. 5/5 all the way.

  • 10 years ago


    Omg this is like the best poem i think i have read on here trul y flowing and truly amazing. 5/5 for sure 1000/5 if it were possible.. great job