Dancing in the rain

by elana   Jul 11, 2008

Little rain droplets falling all around me
I hold my arms out and let the gentle breeze surround me
It all just falls away and I feel so free
No more pain to hold me down, no more agony
I feel so beautiful, not judged, not hated by anyone
I feel so proud, not ashamed of what Ive become
I feel so blissful and everything seems so clear
The rain splashes against my skin; you cant even notice my tears
This time I cry because I'm happy
My tears are accompanied by the smile that overwhelms me
This time its different, I have so much dignity
I will no longer punish myself and I want everyone to see
My regret turns into a simple lesson learned
My embarrassment now turns into the pride Ive earned
I'm all alone except the soft rain
Surrounded by my joy, which Im able to maintain
I dance and instantly nothing seems wrong
Everything is perfect, its like it has been all along
I dont even have to escape
Escape from the reality that I use to hate


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