Choke and bleed

by elana   Jul 18, 2007

Heres a joke. Only you and me know what it means.
I wanna see you choke. I wanna watch you bleed.
I wanna watch you break down right in front of me.
Ill let you listen to me laugh as I see you fall on your knees.
When you look at me youll see Satan in my eyes.
Youll realize all this time my hatred has been disguised.
Ill shove all the pieces of my broken heart down your throat.
Ill carve my name in your soul so deep youll never forget what I wrote.
For everything that I have ever been put through youre the one to blame.
Im going to make you suffer so bad youll always remember my name.
I wish I could gather all the tears youve made me cry so I could drown you in them.
Watch you suffer as you sink with all the guilt swimming around you then.
You underestimated my cruelty.
You never knew I would beat you so brutally.
I know your love was only a bullshit joke.
Ill tie you up then Ill take this blade to your throat.
You think you can walk away from it all with no bruises.
But Im gonna show you its not okay that you use us.
I should have known what was gonna happen from the very start.
That you were gonna tear me down and rip open my heart.
Next time I see you Im gonna smash your face in.
Ill slit open your body and crawl under your skin.
Youre the reason for these tears I cry.
And because of that Ill torture you and watch you die.


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  • 13 years ago

    by MizzCici

    Wow i like this poem!