Cutting myself apart

by elana   Jul 31, 2007

Its been a while since I could hold my head up high
Its been a while since I've gone one day without crying
Take the razor and sign your name across my wrists
That way everyone will know who it was that left me like this
How will you know I am hurting if you cant see my pain
I wear it on my body to show what words cannot explain
I have enough courage to press down on this blade
My misery for happieness I would trade anyday
Take the razors and shove them down my throat
Go ahead watch me gag and choke
Watch the blood trickle down the side of my mouth
You stand there laughing as you listen to me scream and shout
What did I do to deserve this feeling of regret along with all the pain
I relieve myself by soothing it all with the scars that I create
Dont worry I'll be just fine
Just please let me slit my wrists one last time
So go right ahead bleed me alive
It doesnt matter since I'm already dead inside
I promise that all of it I can manage
All these scars running up my arm
They only create a little damage...
Just a little harm
Cutting isn't the answer so I guess I'll use the gun
Shoot the bullet through my head, doesnt it sound so fun
Cutting equals my anti suicide
You now see when I said I was okay...I lied
I silently watch as my world falls and crashes
Satisfy my pain with strawberry gashes
When you feel so numb you bleed just to know your alive
You wont kill youself just to prove you can survive
Let me draw you a picture with a little twist
My pencil is a razor and the paper is my wrist


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