by elana   Jul 18, 2007

Ive been waiting here for you for to long
Waiting for you to come rescue me when everything is going wrong.

It kills me when I walk away feeling so hurt but you dont try to stop me
The tears stream down my face but Im facing away so youll never even see.

Love is the slowest form of suicide.
It kills you so slowly inside.

I just get so sick of crying.
You told me youd always be there but now I know you were lying.

You told me I was special and sadly I believed you.
All this pain lying inside my heart has left me so bruised.

Maybe I just fall in love to easily.
Why does it have to be so painful when I find out he doesnt need me.

I never thought it would be so hard losing something I never really had.
Once again I was wrong and I have to deal with never getting you back.


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