I Wish I Was As Invisible As You Make Me Feel

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Aug 19, 2008

"Hush, hush baby; we'll keep it on the down-low"
Fragile words that got lost in the undertow,
And you pretended you never seen me when I walked by,
But I could see the lust burning deep in your eyes.
From the first touch you were hooked on my curves,
I got under your skin, spun you around my finger,
And you said the scent of my hair, it lingers:
On your pillow, wrapped through your sheets,
Where you wish you'd find me once again.
You can beg, Sweetie, you can plead;
But before you get another fix, I'll make you bleed,
The way my pathetic heart bled for you.

You took my hand and held me back,
Begged me to stay, just to talk.
But we both know what talking leads to,
The desire is too strong to resist you,
And like a fool I come running back to you,
Handing you my breaking heart in vain,
But I just wish I was as invisible as you make me feel.

Hidden treasures, secret pleasures;
We discovered it all tonight.
And you moved me to touch your skin,
Anything to feel me against you again.
I grasped for my better intentions when I began to shake,
But we were both ready to make our worst mistake.
And your lips traced the path your hands guided them through,
As you begged me to give it all up for you.
Shame on me, for letting you fool me twice,
Should have known your heart was made of ice.
A dirty little secret, a personal shame,
And you never even learnt my first name.

You took your heart and drove back home,
Begged me to leave you alone, just stay away;
But we both know you'll be calling me,
Your fingers are begging to feel the number keys;
But your wife is looking on in disgust,
Waiting for you to break from the lust;
And I just wish I was as invisible as you're making me feel.

Empty promises in the middle of a dead, dark night;
He pulled me in and held me tight,
Desperate to feel my skin against his, just for now.
The morning came a little too soon,
And the years had kept us too far apart for too long,
So I listened as he sang me one last song,
Knowing it could never be the same as back then,
When he'd beg me to his again.
[....I must be as invisible as you made me feel.]

-Jenna Elphick
August 18, 2008


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