Behind The Smile vol.5

by Dian PH   Aug 26, 2008

*like in vol.4 its also different from vol.1-3.*

Behind The Smile vol.5

in the middle of my sleep night
i decide to awake and later to continue my sleeping hour
i did not totally get my proper rest these evening

then suddenly glide the tears upon my eyes
never notice nor recognize until i finally tastes the saltness upon my lips

then i remember what my dad told me in a angry sound
and he said
"i never believe and never been trust you on the first place"
its tough hurt but its alright I'm OK

we never been close seems i was a child
the both side of my cheeks still feeling the nonstop tears of sadness and loneliness

i hug my pillow then lie once more on my bed
waiting till my eyes get tired
then i never notice i already sleep

sometimes even people see how happy the other family was behind of it not so really the was it does
and no one knows about these scenario the feeling i had

cos I'm always wearing
my sweet smile to the world
who knows about these pain

and the loneliness
i broth with me seems i was a child
all they knew I'm brave and most strong ever

*thanks for reading.... ill make another next time!!!!*


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