Provers from philippines (QOUTE JOKES ONLY)

by Dian PH   Oct 10, 2008

Note:(i made these one not to erase our values and ethics of life. i made these in joke version. for a simple reason. life can't be take in all serious matter of all time right. put some smile for a moment to signify that life was so wonderful. and life was just once in lifetime thats why we should treasure our every moment with our love once and friends and special once as well. to whom Filipino like me who also read these one. i hope you will like it too. especially all P&Q members!!)

Provers from Philippines (JOKES ONLY)
by Dian

1. Better late than pregnant.
*better to be late than to absent*

2. If you try your best. Good Luck.
*try and try then you succeed*

3. What's the use of grass? I'm not a horse
*what's the use of grass, when the horse were already dead?*

4.Do unto others.Then run.
*don't do unto others if you don't want to do it to you; Do good to others if you want others do good to you*

5. People that doesn't loved his/her own language/words were raise in other country
*To whom people doesn't love their own languages/words, were most worst than smelly fish*

6. The guy who doesn't have any money for them self, gays will be there savior
*If people were no money, even in a wrong way they going to commit just to survive*

Note:[the symbol * these the real one!!]

= simple joke reverse to the original just to make people laugh, but despite on that. think of it. to gain a better life and respect, do the right thing, and if somehow you feel its over, don't lose hope, you can do it, just trust yourself, and everything will be all right!! =

(thank you for reading and for the spare time for giving comments!!)


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  • 13 years ago

    by Jorge Luis

    I love it Dian! When I have time I'll read all your poems because I love your work! Keep it up love. :)