Accept Me Completely

by BleedingAngel   Oct 22, 2008

I know I'm sacrificing you
In my obsession to be thin
I love you now and forever
But in the end Ana will win

I have gained 20 pounds
How can you still love me
I feel so damn disgusting
And I hate what I see

But I know I will lose you
If I ever let Ana come near
And you will hate me for it
And you won't be here

I really do need you baby
But don't make me chose
Because I wanna be thin
And you will only lose

So please accept me
For all that I stand for
I was always this way
I never closed that door

You hate skinny girl
Will you then hate me too
I'm done being overweight
I only gained it for you

I need you to cry with me
To support me through this
Only you can make it better
With your smile and soft kiss

I will need your shoulder
To cry on when I am sad
I need your beautiful smile
To calm me when I get mad

Without you I am nothing
My life is just worthless
So please stay by my side
Through my created mess

Help me stand on my feet
Hold me when I hate myself
When I feel like giving up
Wanting to be some one else

When I reach my goal weight
I will love myself like you do
But have patience until then
Because I don't wanna lose you

You make me so happy sweety
You hold the key to my heart
Accept Ana like you accept me
Don't let this break us apart

Copyright 2008 - Sabrina Stelmach


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Torn

    Aww huni this is a really distressing poem. I hate that you're feeling the way you do. Try and concentrate in making yourself better because that is all he wants for you.

  • 12 years ago

    by Jenie

    Wow sis this was an amazing poem! i loved it
    very sad tho :(
    the reasons he is making u choose is bc he lovers u rememeber that.
    stay strong!