My Blade Keeps Me From Falling Apart

by BleedingAngel   Sep 27, 2013

You see me wear long sleeves
Though its summer outside
I will tell you not to worry
Though its my scars i hide

You wont notice my tears
When i cry myself asleep
I am captured in depression
But you dint see how deep

Every day my smile is fake
But no one ask me how i feel
My inside is screaming in pain
Making my living hell real

My soul and heart is now black
My body is completely numb
I have no feelings left inside
I waited for them to come

Love left me over a year ago
But it seems like yesterday
I know it was my own fault
Though i begged him to stay

Now my only friend is my blade
But it cant fix a broken heart
It wont make him come back
But it keeps me from falling apart

Last night when i cut my wrists
Suicide was on my dark mind
I have nothing left to live for
And i cant leave the past behind

*I ha vent posted poems in a very looooong time, but I never stopped writing*


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