Her Name

by BleedingAngel   Aug 28, 2017

You introduced me to her
Your very best Friend
I never knew her power
That she would be the end

We met her every weekend
We had fun and laughed
but you couldnt breathe
So I held you as you gasped

We went out to party
Dancing All night Long
But you seemed different
like something was wrong

I knew you were seeing her
Though you tried to hide it
You started to meet her often
and I got tired of your shit

She is beautifull and thin
So perfect pale skin
Her blonde har is golden
and shes so perfect within

She seduces guys like you
With her pearl white smile
It only takes a secound
But it will last a while

You buy her drinks
And forgets about me
you are caught in her web
And never will you get free

If you decides not to meet her
She will bring you pain
you way wish to be dead
shes in your blood and veins

Agter she is done with you
She leaves you in shame
and now That you are dead
I will tell you, Molly is her name!


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  • 7 months ago

    by mistake

    I honestly didn’t expect that sharp turn at the end. I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine. Be strong