All for her, Half for me

by ilu   Nov 11, 2008

There you are all alone,
I wanted to sit by you and make you my own,
I already know that your heart beats for her,
But baby, loving me, is it so hard to learn?

Your eyes twinkle everytime you smile at her,
But it's not the same when you smile at me...
When you see her, everything else becomes a blur...
Every little thing is for her, but there's only half for me...

When you see me, you give me a friendly hug,
But when you embrace her, it looks like true love...
Cupid, Cupid, where are you?
I needed you now to make him love me, too..

I'd been trying to wish upon a star,
I'm tired of loving you from afar,
I wanted your heart to beat for me, too..
But baby, it's all for her and only half for me...


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