The Tide Crashes In and I Miss Her More Than Ever

by ABake   Nov 22, 2008

A few months with no talking, not even a casual hello;
She has lost her best friend, she's scared to death-
You left in paragraphs my friend, oh why did you go?
She listens sadly as the echoes fill her cold cold ears...
Messages unread; calls left unreturned; please don't.
Your friendship was her outlet, you were her sanctuary.

Now she texts, but the silent distance is heartbreaking,
This young girl does all she can not to let tears fall.
Her one true best friend that she once knew way too well,
Is now a stranger; With a tear in her voice she asks-
"What happened to our friendship? Where did it go?"
Again, her words echo back into her cold cold ears...

Tonight, she'll sit by the wild ocean in far away Florida;
The moon is full and she thinks back to the nights-
Where phone calls were heartfelt and comfortable...
She's begging herself for answers; using her foot as a pen,
she writes in the sand the words of a wise woman-
"Forgiveness is love, love is forgiveness."

The thousands of people in Ohio will never see this,
She knows this and insists on making it a Kodak moment.
The flash will light up the coast for a few seconds-
And immediately they are gone, just like their trust...
Her heart aches as the waves roll in and out; maybe-
One day they will regain the amazing friendship they had.


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  • 11 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    Something told me, as I was laying in my bed studying for a test tomorrow, that there was something I needed to do on the computer.

    I stopped. I went down stairs, and I logged on here. I didn't do anything yet, click any buttons...I opened a new tab and played a song on youtube.

    After I got it to play, and the sound just perfectly right. I began to...explore around a bit. Hitting up the discussion boards. Seeing a post from you. Made me heart feel, different than what it has lately.

    Than I posted "hi" and checked to see who was online; no one. I saw a new poem from you, and I just had to go read it.

    I'm addicted to your poetry as is anyways. So, I just knew I'd like it.

    The title caught my attention even more. But, before I started reading I noticed that I was freezing. Our heat broke. So ... we have no warmth aside from the million layers of clothes we put on.

    I started reading.

    Reading through each stanza, I got warmer and warmer.

    At the end, I froze. Completely.

    I almost started to cry. But, as mentioned in the poem, I held those babies back.

    Amber, the poem was fabulous. Everything was on point. I loved the way you explained it. The imagery was fantastic, and I could actually picture everything in my head like a slide show.

    I miss you.
    I love you.