I'll Love You Always, Forever and a Day.

by Cayce   Jan 1, 2009

I'm sorry I hurt you,
with the things I say.
I would never ever..
want you to go away.

"Just leave me alone".
Please don't go..
I swear I didn't mean it.
I just want you to know:

That I'll love you always,
forever and a day..
Hold me close,
as our bodies sway.
You're the song,
that makes me smile,
the kind of music,
I listen to while...

While we dance together,
no one around.
I can taste your breath,
as we fall to the ground.

Sometimes I f.uck up,
more times than not.
I'm sorry I hurt you..
but you're all that I've got.

I'll love you always,
forever and a day..
Please don't go..
I want you to stay..
Sing to me always.
Hold my hand..
Listen to my words..
and, please, understand.


Me: just leave me alone Daniel.
Him: do you reaaalllly want me to do that cayce?
Me: no.
Him: then why say it?
Me: i don't know. i just did.
Him: .........


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  • 11 years ago

    by Monica93

    Love it girlie!!
    I like how at the end you tell how this poem came about. Your letting us into the process of making the poem.. that made me love it even more!! No one should be able to read this and not remember a time like this!! keep it up like always!!