Sleep Deprivation

by Cayce   Jan 3, 2009

Turn the music up alittle louder,
to drown out his voice.
Essay questions, far too hard,
I wish it was multiple choice.
But the pencil broke,
I fail, I fail!
Chocking back the tears..
The moon outside is way too bright,
and my smile is not what it appears.

Come take my hand
and hold me back..
don't let me fall.

Squeeze it tight,
I will resist..
just throw me against the wall.

Morphine shots,
in the arm..
to numb this aching pain.
Take me to let's pretend,
and rip the needle from my vein.
Magic carpets,
fly so high..
Will you let me touch the stars?
And maybe keep one or two,
and wear them over my scars?

Thoughts run though my mind
and the shadows, they creep.
My pen keeps on writing..
and there's no way I can go to sleep.


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