Edge of My World

by Cooper   Feb 14, 2009

A howl for moons
of fluorescent dusk
and a dead tree
made of white
and dawning in starless tonights.

Her eyes hang from branches,
a stray in dreams
of a blind wolf;
she kisses hollow eyes,
blurring sunrise,
to inspire a paroxysm of love and sorrow.

And so her heart breathes
with warmth
upon my own, exposed,
cold and to decompose,
but no needle and thread;
a museum of our memories
to mask? I'd rather be dead.

I stand within my shadow,
her fingers trace words
I've heard from the mouth of time;
on spinning dimes
we dance and chase moonlight,
for delirious delight ...

Oh ...

Winter brings white
a darkness of repose
and bright;
we freeze in pale rose
upon a dream of no theme ...

You are the edge of my world,
in shades of colourless death;
I'll paint words on the moon
just to experience your butterfly breath.

For my dark and wintry dream, Sabrina.
Yeah, I can turn even a love poem about you into something that sounds slightly depressing ..... you still love me though, right?


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  • I like this poem. You are still writing great and I'm finally making my come back with my poetry...finally. You are still doing great though! :)

    All the luvvles!

    ~~Katie the Kat~~~

  • 14 years ago

    by Nix

    I like some parts, but I also dislike some parts. I am not sure what I think about this one. It is emotionally powerful. Though I truly don't like your rhyming during this poem.
    I was amazed by second and third stanza. In my opinion, other parts of the poem are good, but not on breathtaking level.

  • 14 years ago

    by Weeping Wolf

    Strange.....I had a dream like this before.

    Well, now you've certainly captured my interest, and memory.
    I thank you for your respectable comment on my poem, so I'll respect your wishes and not write a stupid comment like "Ohh i just loove this poem! what imagery!" :p

    Because, its so much more than that.

    This is the first poem of yours I've read yet, and I'm already anticipating more. Since I saw a wolf as your profile picture- If you wish, you can read more of mine that have to do with wolves or wild nights, I have many.

    But yes, Dark yet delightful, this is a poem to be proud of.

    -Weeping Wolf

  • 14 years ago

    by Allie

    Very good choice of words.
    I could almost visualize your dream myself.
    keep up the good work ^-^