Sidewalks Count as Homes

by Cooper   Apr 6, 2009

Live on concrete
of people passing by ...

veins stretching, pulsating
to the other side of the street,
littered of garbage and piss
granting antonyms of a wish.

Drop some change
quarters, nickels, dimes,
for more pleasant times.

Drop some death
needles, knives, ammunition,
for a less violent submission.

Your rich society can't leave it alone,
but this sidewalk is my home.


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  • Yep, I still heart your poems definitely. This was so beautiful and....well I"m not gonna say perfect cause in the time where I haven't written on this site i have found so much imperfection it's unreal.

    Hope you'll check out some of my newer poems, I have had writers block for more than a pathetic is that! lol, mucho luvvles

    ~~Katie the Kat~~

  • 14 years ago

    by trippetta TC

    Desperate in it's hopeful hopelessness, a tragic dance, love it, that's all.