You picked me like last season colours

by Espoirfailed   Apr 29, 2009

Somehow everything got reversed and I'm needing you only in the sense of the lack of thought and something to do.
And this absence can only lead to one conclusion and nothing is the same when it comes from you.
I don't know if that's alright.
I was never alright with the passing of the times and the way my name was only a transient taste on your tongue.
It's so easy to fall for flowers and letters and stubs of cinema tickets you can't quite bring yourself to bin.
Given, it's hard to be let in to a locked door, but initiative always was the key.
And there was a level of expectation coming from me.
I'm arriving at a point but in a round about way because the long ones always are the best.
And that's how you won me as I let you undress me at fourteen and that time I was the one you wanted until we grew tall enough to see a bigger picture.
Now we're old enough to colour it in with the crayons you've long since neglected.
But I know you came to inform me that there was something in that youthful naivety.
I don't know if you meant the pencils or our rather impermanent union.
But if it's the latter,
I hope you had fun discovering I was worth a second look because in the long run I predict it's going to cost you.
But time hasn't quite taken away my spontaneity and there still isn't anywhere I wouldn't climb to let you push me off.


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