Tumbled Across

by Light A Way   Jul 20, 2009

Tumbling across a brilliantly lit sky
Like an acrobat at the circus
My stomach suddenly becomes flustered
Screaming with just one intoxicating glimpse

My heart has become to do somersaults
Flipping franticly for hours on end
Trying so very hard to keep my sanity
But darling you make me go insane

The fondness I had towards you
Grew quickly into a burning passion
Stronger and stronger it has become
Like lightening striking inside my veins

Sweetheart you are so very tantalizing
Keeping my focus always in your direction
I want to completely devour up
All the words that pass through your lips

I tumbled across that brilliantly lit sky
Soaring high up in the perfectly shaped clouds
Toppling down to the vast earth below me,
Magically landing right next to you


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