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"You've only got one life to live, but a million ways to live it...what will you do???
~~~~Help rescue Joesph Kony's child soldiers in Northern Uganda~~~~ Please go to and learn more about person can make a difference, but many can change the world.

Hey....I have been writing poems as long as I can remember...I am so thankful that I can...Writing is something I can't live without and it's a huge part of me...I am a huge fan of the twilight series...The movie is AWESOME!!!!!...The books are amazing too...I usually write from real life experiences or things that just come to mind...I also really love to sing...One of my biggest inspirations is love and how it can make you feel....I would really like people to comment on my poems more.....I just want to get more feedback about them....thanks...

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Latest Poems By Light A Way

  • My fragile heart begins to flutter
    Every time he looks my way...

  • Not quite able to fully understand
    The sensation of mystery I have encountered...

  • Lingering anticipation escapes from my vulnerable...
    Building up the impatience that crawls within me...

  • Distractions constantly find their way to me
    As my head becomes overly messy with confusion...

  • Tumbling across a brilliantly lit sky
    Like an acrobat at the circus...

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  • My heart is truly and forever.

    12 years ago
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  • Beauty lies within the heart...not in the mirror.

    12 years ago
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  • Put me in your sweet embrace, and let me breathe you in. Kiss me with your velvet lips, and let me feel time stop.

    12 years ago
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