New Home

by Light A Way   Nov 28, 2009

Not quite able to fully understand
The sensation of mystery I have encountered
My heart has packed up and left it's home
Taking the rebellious leap into your embrace

Falling asleep with my window wide open
Hearing your words from miles away
Surreal events, as from a dream inside my head
Occur when our magnetic sparks combine

Words slip through my strongly sealed mouth
Awkwardly your lips upturn into a smile
Silent rhythms escape from our chests
The murmurs of an old-fashioned secret language

Abruptly my pulse begins to race abnormally
The appearance of an overdose becomes evident
Undoubtedly I find you exceedingly peculiar
On my mind with every passing second

Securely latched on with every fiber of my being,
A perfect fit as our hearts mingle with each other
Mine has unmistakably found a new home
Happily I settle in as the flame between us heightens


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  • 10 years ago

    by Natalie

    Love it! Very nicely written