To know and not to tell

by Espoirfailed   Nov 16, 2009

So I lie awake and stare for a few minutes more
Because you have these honest eyes and looking in them, I can tell you think you know me.
But all of that pretending hurts me to see.
So I wait for you to sleep, when I don't have to look into my own lies, when your eyes are closed and I can hear your heart beating without feeling guilty.
No I don't believe you and I'm sure I never will.
It was the long summer nights from years back that took the innocence from me; I've never been able to trust three words since.
We can hang out all the windows and we can run through the rain but I can't have you thinking I'm the right decision to make.
I got on a bus two days ago to travel down to meet you, but when it came to your stop I just couldn't bring myself to get off.
See, I can't trust what I am told and I thought I'd find you in the arms of a more beautiful girl.
There was wind blowing through all the air vents and I just know that I am boring.
And that I don't look like her.

Well I may be a hundred miles away but I'll give you to the count of three.
If you really loved me, you' make it on time.
I am unjustified and unreasonable but it's the only way I can think of to stop myself hurting in the long run.
Because you would make it happen.
I just can't give you the chance.


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