Sweet December

by Karl Wild GG23   Feb 15, 2010

Some say as time passes your memory begins to elude you,
Countless years make it impossible to remember what we used to.
Senseless memories cascade our minds like leaves on autumn trees,
Only to arrive and whirl away once more like a chilling winter breeze.

The easiest moments of our lives to recall are ones we wish to forget,
Though broken hearts and shattered souls seem to scream "not yet".
For times we cried when love was lost we thought we paid the price,
Promised ourselves we'd die, or surely try, to never feel that twice.

We never wait or hesitate to ponder the cost between love and loss,
Like children before fountains dreams are coins, we wish, kiss and toss.
Although token wishes and dream filled kisses are merely ways to cope,
The most critical virtue to clutch in life, if anything at all is truly hope.

So if I find in time I've discovered my mind has failed me to remember,
I'll suffer the pain to never die in vain or ever forget Sweet December.



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  • 8 years ago

    by Pink Butterfly

    A mind-opener... You are so true in every line you uttered. A well written piece indeed. Thanks for reminding me that there is always hope and it will never vanish. God bless you!!!

    -Pink Butterfly-

  • 8 years ago

    by BREEawNUHH

    This piece is wonderful. I wish I could critique you, but I see nothing wrong here. Every line just radiates love and sadness both. You have captured beautifully how it feels to love, and how it feels to lose. Your vocabulary is great, as well. This is an absolutely brilliant poem.

    Five out of five. [5/5]

  • 9 years ago

    by Daniel Goding

    I like the poem very well written

  • 9 years ago

    by Shinobi

    One of my favorites so far!
    This poem is simply amazing. The way you described our memories and feelings as they may fade away with time, or stay engraved to our hearts. The imagary features and rhyming took my breath away. The flow here is also amazing. Simply a perfect piece 5/5

  • 9 years ago

    by kate

    (Sorry it took a while to get back to read your poem when you read mine)

    this poem was great. I kind of felt like it was a song at first I mean thats what went through my head which it does not matter because it was great. There are things that you do not want to forget or you really do not have a choice of letting go. Either way there will be something that is given from this poem and it told a story.

    keep it up.
    keep on writing.
    love always and forever.