Wave to me from the sea

by Espoirfailed   Feb 18, 2010

Lines of poetry and love letters turned to late night messages on screens right in front of our eyes.
And I just sat around and watched as you walked away with a girl who had eyes shallow as her soul.
Somewhere in this day and age I lost the point, the plot, the meaning we are all after whether we know it or not.
I saw the transition from forefront to a drunken night you forgot.
I keep putting pen to paper and making numbers because there's something definite in them and I watched the pink line change my life as it scrawled across the control screen.
You were still out dancing with the leaves and acting like you never had a past.
At one point I thought we were going to last but in the back of my mind I knew you'd have a change of heart and run out into the sea, right to where the water was too deep for me.
I could have picked any straw but I got the tallest one who was head and shoulders above me, there was something about the way you said my name so sweetly.
Well I fell in love with a packet of lies and lines from films that I'd never let myself believe before.
Lie to me some more because I never knew you as an honest boy and I got hooked.
Hospitals and wall colours were meant for two to choose, I don’t think I can do this without you.
I suppose everyone was right all along.


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