You; an idiotic Fairytale

by Nee   Apr 20, 2010

When gold and silver met
-like the sun and the moon-
a faded color shone
in a sleepless city
of love
and lust.

Blue breaths,
holding on to lifelessness,
embraced lips, with entanglement
of two souls, two hearts, with one thought


Locking these lips with mine, in fear
of letting go, of relinquishment
of saying the truth, one
inevitable truth
of this non-sided

"Maybe I love you
But not today"


7th of April.10. 1:30 AM.

This poem is about me in my imagination.

(Stanzas intended to form a Nonet)


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Rusheena

    Yeah, I can totally relate; I totally live in my dreams. lol

  • 11 years ago

    by Lonely Rider

    An amazing write Nema. was totally blown away by the beauty of words and the imagery...

    like the sun and the moon-
    a faded color shone
    in a sleepless city
    of love
    and lust.
    ^^Brilliantly written... wonderful imgery here...

    "Maybe I love you
    But not today"
    ^^that was touching ... and well expressed...

    amazing write :)

  • 11 years ago

    by Melpomene


    In the last poem of yours I said I just felt like you couldn't get out what you wanted to say, but here, I felt everything you were expressing. Honestly.. this is a favorite piece by you. I just felt something different when reading it.. It is very clever especially with the use of the nonet.. I picked that up while reading because the style was different compared to your usually.. and I loved every second of reading this poem... [which i've now read four times.]

    I'm impress with the juxtaposition of the sun and the moon within the first two lines of
    the poem. I was just writing Jenn a comment and it seems to be a theme RTVW has been using as of late, just like I did in my latest poem.. I believe we all adore these aspects of nature and I really adored the fact that you used those two colours of gold and silver to represent them. I could see in my mind the changing of the skies.. from golden sun to silver moon. Elegant imagery.

    For someone who says that write not of things which effect them in reality.. well you
    provoke the most beautiful emotion and create gorgeous scenario's.. Truth to me though is that you hold that emotion within your heart, therefor the poems arn't all of fantasy.. or as you said imagination.. but this being of your imagination was creative. I like seeing what your mind comes up with.

    Loved the colour symbolism as I mentioned above. Also with blue breaths..

    Awesome write, Nee. Loved it.