Why Daddy?

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..   Jun 18, 2004

Dear daddy, why do you say those things you say
Repeating yourself again and again everyday
You call me names that cut me deep
Your yelling continues to wake me from sleep

You say you hate me that I was a mistake
That’s when I feel that my life is at stake
I have scars inside and on the outside to
Telling the story of the life I live with you

Never eating, never sleeping
Never happy because I’m always weeping
I know you hate me because it shows
Does this end, or does the pain continue to grow

I could run away, but it would be the last thing I do
But I can’t help but still love and want to be with you
Why daddy, what have a done so wrong
Did you really hate me all along?

I sit in my room writing this poem in a book
I’m dead if you just get one quick look
Then I hear you feet coming up the stairs
Catching me by my unawares

It’s too late to run and hide
Its starts of just a slash at my side
A few more hits and I’m on the floor
The last thing I see is you at smiling at my door

Your hateful eyes look deep into mine
Its too late now daddy to rewind back time
Least now I won’t upset you because I’m far away
I know you still think about me everyday

Are you proud of what you’ve done?
Proud that you finally won
I’m gone now and won’t come back
You went further than your usual smack

I’m sorry daddy for making your life so bad
Always angering you and making you mad
I’m sorry for not letting you know
That I love you so

But I’m happy now, I feel warm and safe
A smile finally upon my little face
Even though my daddy sent me too heaven
On the day I had just turned seven

Please, if you’ve read my poem could you please spend the quick minute to rate or comment on my poem. I would greatly appreciate it. I love to hear from you all and read your comments.


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by Kally

    This is really good.. sad but good.. tears are falling on my cheek now..

  • 17 years ago

    by Jayden Mackwell

    Not my faveorite, but it's still really good.

  • 17 years ago

    by Unbreakable

    Sad poem, but GREAT writing, i love your poems, keep it up, they're wonderful.

  • 18 years ago

    by Brittney

    hey this poem is awsome but really sad!!! I think u did a great job writing it thou! I hope that ur not abused or ne1 else that u no but if so i will pray for you! keep up the good work i give it a 5 and i will read and comment on some more of your poems keep up the work ur and awsome poet!

  • 19 years ago

    by BleedingAngel

    I totally relate to this one, my dad was horrible too, but since I've moved away from home, I'm finally free!!! Hope that you are ok??? Great poem, so intense and sad!!!

    *hugs Sabrina*

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