Do This Without You.

by iFallToPieces   Oct 8, 2010

I can not do this anymore; its time for me to leave,
I knew you could not be the one; I was stupid to even believe.
Its going to be hard, but its what I have to do,
Forget how much you mean to me, forget the guy I knew.

I thought you were different, but I was wrong,
I just do not understand why it took so long,
I dont know if I am going to be okay,
What can I do now; you are going to be away?

I thought it was going to be easy, not having you in my life,
But it just gets harder, so I turn to the knife.
Theres nobody else to talk to, you are not here anymore,
I always thought you would be the last person to walk out that door.

Things are not going good, but I am keeping myself together,
I can not break because of you, this has to last forever.
I am not letting myself cry over getting hurt by you,
I am going to stay strong, even if its the last thing I do.

Its going to be hard, having to see your face,
I just have to remember that in my life, you no longer have a place.
I have to be strong, I have to pretend,
You can not know that the knife has become my only friend.

Its hard to hold back the tears at night,
But I can not break, I have to fight.
I have to prove that I do not need you in my life,
I can do this without you, because I have my knife.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Deee bbyy

    Omq thisz isz ahh qewdd poem.