Buildin suspense

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 11, 2011

Smoke cascadin from my lips
while my hands grippin her hips/
my fingertips bring her bliss
i hit the spot and never miss/
run my hands across her curves
slowly draggin my lips across her neck/
my game got your cliit swollen
her pussE wetta then a tech/
you hot to the touch girl
i can feel your pulse rushin/
bustin whenever im touchin
and you aint even seen nothin/
but i aint one for discussion
lord knows i like to demonstrate/
i'ma eat that pussE
like the rappers off my dinner plate/
let me pull them panties off
get you wet and soft/
feelin like you on the ceiling
just call my bedroom a loft/
women deserve respect
so dont start actin like a bich/
i dont sweat wettin my dik
cuz ill get pussy when i'm rich/
let me take that stress off your mind
the realest youll ever find
love the way it looks from behind
now straddle it and just grind/

beggin me not to stop
but i never quit..
and on the pogo stick dik
ima let her sit.


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