by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 28, 2011

Can you hear it in my voice
the fear of makin a choice
should i slave for a civic
or risk my life for that rolls royce
the place i once called my home
is now call a pig pen
and the business is crashin
will i be there when the gig ends
i got the opportunity
now all i needs the unity
for the puzzle to come together
is just you and me
we right here its quite clear
got the aim keep ya sight clear
money we gonna make
honesty couldnt make in lightyears
fearin the chances
of my successful advances
all the snakes around me
i gotta keep an eye on their stances
cuz fear will always exist
but so will my poker face
my life is so gruesome
it put a smile on the jokers face
dont stop til u get it straight
hit a blunt to meditate
only way to kill fear
is never to let your self hesitate
even though im livin
i ask the heavens to help me
cuz lords knows this life aint healthy
R.I.P. my boy L.T
so much more i got to say
but i cant say it all to day
if all my cash would bring my boys back
then id give it all away
cuz the good die young
thats why i'm always high strung
do i gotta fear the consequences
of holdin my tongue
i'm at the top
and i promise aint gonna budge me
i dont believe in god
so aint nobody that can judge me

nobody at all
was here to answer my call
when i was about to fal
but fuk it
i dont hold grudges
cuz i own it all

aint got time to stall
cuz now its time to ball
i aint here to do it again
i'm here to shock and apall
i own it all


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