I really mean it

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 27, 2011

While the titans clash
i'm still drivin fast
fuk what the sign say
my speed limits a crash
dont need a posse
dont let me behind the wheel
cuz im kamikaze
i'll beat you with my words
like this a game of literati
eat you like biscotti
betta load up the shotti
cuz im a monsta
harder to kill then killuminati
i'm an urban legend like jason
except i dont believe in chasin
betta lock yourself in the basement
cuz the demon has awakened
im the rude waker
yall crude fakers
yall barely flickin a switch
im flickin the huge breaker
this is my game
and ima make another play
and all the words that a say
best know..
i really mean it!


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