Resistance writer

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 12, 2011

Hear the sirens fade in to the distance
a one man guerilla force call me the resistance
I'm livin in the frozen tundra
I'm makin the others wonder
how my lyrical lightning
strikin the mic without the thunder
comin smooth out the speaker
of the fame i am a seeker
flows got that chemistry
i'm in the lab with a beaker
dressed in cammo
with full ammo
can't touch me cuz
i'm the one who inspired rambo
i speed through life like a lambo
goin insane
feels like im hydroplainin in the rain
hopin that when i wreck
it will finally end all the pain
but thats just a fantasy
gotta focuz on what i plan to be
cuz in the end i gotta realize
there's a high demand of me
and i gotta fullfill it
cups half empty refil it
aint nothin out there that you cant get
if you the realest
and ima prove it
drive a mac truck right thru it
i'm the spark and to the fluid
and i cant teach you how to do this
cuz its a reflex
dont step in the ring or be next
my trendsetta go getta
my flows wetta than three techs
dont know what you've started
representative of the coldhearted
my rhymes gon shake the earth
high as the scales have ever charted
i'm the future
like whats comin round the bend
i just put the track to bed
conclusion nigga the end


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