Just the beginnin

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 21, 2011

This the intro to a new era
flow hotter then sahara
goin to war with me
is just like the war on terror
this a tribute to the greatest
to forgive them for the latest
but the real gangstas are here
the first to shout we finally made it
you aint a soldier boy
homey best believe that i blast punks
hate snakes
thenkeep the grass cut
smoke snitches like the last blunt
the games over
i'm passin my peak and your brain slower
didnt have a chance to beat me
even if i came sober
you still wouldnt stand a chance
while you were makin your advance
id be rollin up 5 grams
in a blunt the size of a lance
posted just waitin
for you to stop hatin
grill me one more time punk
your headin straight towards inahalation
hate to be a realist
but death is a cold reality
got piano wire flow
and mafioso mentality
cash keeps the world spinnin
in the land of the sinnin
i dusted the competition
and im only just begininnin


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