Hit play and listen 2 my life

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 25, 2011

Shots echoin in and out of your brain/
drivin so fast you cant even see the lanes/
its pourin rain
and i'm storin pain/
all the shit i've seen i couldnt be
more in sane/
with my refined skills
you should call me your menter/
walkin down my private drive
cops parked in my shoppin center/
but i always c the P.D
even if they didnt see me/
gotta be patient stay smart
and learn not to be greedy/
heat it up to much
and the cops will box you in/
all the money you makin aint worth
the cell they lock you in/
ghost i stay faded
brass nuckles still bladed/
i'm exactly what you not
so i hope yall basers hate it/
cuz i'll be posted stackin bread
til the day that i am dead/
til the day under covers
put 2 in the back of my head/
alredy won the race
but my safes runnin out of space/
ghost gone without a trace
except for the smile on her face/
after the chaos
im content listenin to strife/
this my music
so hit play and listen my life/
flow cuts like a lyrical knife.../
this games a bich
but thats a typical wife/


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