Songs of Nightmares, Screams of Dreams

by Spoken Silence   Nov 15, 2011

I open my mouth and no voice escapes
merely the haunting hollow sound of heartbreak as it echos through me
The vibrations shake my core as my soul falls limp,
screaming as it dies,
producing an augmented chord with my heart that deafens even the angels.
1,2,3 - 1,2,3
Goes the dance of life around me
but I keep missing the steps.
My cluttered mind skips the beats of the world as it trys to keep up with the pounding in my chest,
the fragments left to rot inside me still attempting to keep time.
Now a choir of demons sing my lullaby
but the blaring horns and crying fiddles torture my mindrnmaking sleep impossible.
And with each cadance a new feeling washes over me.
Hate, Regret, Fear.
And just as I begin to drown in one another wave sweeps over me,
teasing me with the gift of death.
I whip myself with the notes of this sad song
and with each wound a new moment and each scar a new story.
But not all fairytales are bad,
not even this one.
It started beautiful,
a fantasy I never thought would end,
but you have to wake up from your dreams
which gives hope that I'll awake from this nightmare too.
For now I'll have to cuddle with the memory of you,rnhug the past we had,
and kiss the future I still hold on to.
Distance may have won this battle with guns of sickness blazing,
but love wins wars.
Defeat is not failure rnand with every mended bone you learn a different kind of strength.
Giving up is not an option.
Your love is worth more than any treasure,
a precious gift I'll fight for til the end.


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