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first about the thing that we are all doing, writing, namely poetry... poetry is derived not from thought but the madness behind thought, the essence that creates the chaos in your mind and entwines the mayhem with the emotion..... now about me....
I'm in love.....what else do you need to know.... some poeple say i'm crazy but the only people who are insane are the ones who won't admit they're crazy, the sane ones are the ones that will admit there is something a little loose in their head.... ( as an after thought ) although it is true that love is an excruciating pain your mind mistakes for pleasure, its a joyful sorrow, a fool-hearted task.

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  • My love once told me,
    "I want to right poetry"
    I said,
    "You are poetry"
    And as she smiled I showed her,
    "See. There. Another poem."

    11 years ago
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  • "Though love fades the glory shall shine til the last vein runs dry"

    13 years ago
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  • "Love is giving someone the opportunity to destroy you yet trusting them not to."

    13 years ago
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