A Grave That Reads Love

by Spoken Silence   Nov 20, 2007

I stand over a grave,
One that reads not Beloved nor Forgotten,
But Love.
Buried beneath lies and indecencies,
Hidden from reality,
Left for dead,
Never to penetrate fantasy.
I kick the dirt shaming false hope,
Soiling the illusion of a picturesque secret,
Closing the curtain on an act of tragedy.
The sky opens delivering acid rain,
Burning my heart;
Holes left to be filled by memories of anguish,
Black wedges of tarred regret.
I stand in the drippings of hate,
Drenched in pain;
Standing over a grave that reads love,
The death of life.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Trinity

    Very deep. So much pain comes with death but it doesnt stop the love that you had for the person. Great interpretation without actually saying too much. Amazing.