In a World Where

by Spoken Silence   Jan 17, 2007

In a world where hate is what is harnessed into every human being and love is merely what is wedged into the chaos of mankind it's hard to distract yourself from the everyday ignorance.

In a world where families destroy lovers and society destroys friends, compassion is lost and everything is just a little too late.

In a world where the I can't mesh with the I won't; all responsibility is non-existent and the strive to try dies with faith.

In a world where morals and beliefs are questioned by the indecencies of abstract ideals and where your life is lived within your walls of secrets.

In a world where the blame lies only on you and you can't even find forgiveness within yourself let alone acceptance from a stranger.

In a world where all you have to give is yourself and where all you are is never enough; forcing you to stretch so thin thats theres nothing left of who you were.

In a world where life is just a beautiful aching disaster, a place where restoration lies in creating your own reality, and we make due by living in someone else's world.


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  • 13 years ago

    by fearose

    Wow... This was an amazing poem. I mean, utterly beautiful. Exellently penned and the flow is just impecible. I love it!!! I would give it 10/5 if I could but I gave it 5/5.
    The Girl Who Never Catches an Eye