Drakaina Lamia

by Lu   Feb 28, 2012

There was thunder in the heavens
as she bled beneath her breast,
all children set at naught
for her grief shall never rest.
A fount of glowing beauty
dawning eyes of blazing stone,
fanged wings upon her heal
the dark mistress to his thrown.
Yet upon the forenoon silence
when Artemis's eyes were sewn
a serpent tongue unleashed
upon the blossoms blown.

As music lay upon the air
the stars grew deathly mute
dark veins grew within a burn
for womb shall bear no fruit
And as sorrow tangled braids,
upon a cruel grown brow
her palms crimson dampened
by the mirror of here and now.
And as the once silky skin
grew a bitten golden hue
she fled upon the dusty night
footed green and blue.

As the striking hour lashed,
time wept upon the stone
for be it for love or naught
her eyes so loosely sewn.

*For Britt's main forum contest*


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  • 10 years ago

    by Melpomene


    This was another poem for the contest I never picked from you. I guess it was the darkness, I see you write love poems, sad poems but rarely do I see you take on darkness in a mythological sense so I was pleasantly surprised! Of course I know about the Lamia and I really liked that you included the 'she-dragon' (Drakaina) term in the title, not sure why but it drew me in a little more.

    I'm also really surprised to see you rhyming but it was really effective. You know it's rare for me to enjoy a poem that rhymes but in this sense it added to the poem as it worked well with the mythological tale, the flow reminded me of one you would read in one of those great tales.

    What I liked with this poem was the way you added a lot of facts, it was the story of the Lamia and yet you made it a poem and you made it your own. I hate poems that are just fact after fact, if I wanted to read that I'd pick up a book you know what I mean? You didn't do this, as someone who has studied the Lamia it's really evident just how much this topic became your own
    I don't have anything constructive to say, you did an excellent job with all the foundations of poetry.


  • 10 years ago

    by Tara Kay

    Lu, The title really caught my attention for it's uniqueness,
    I understand it is based a round a queen who became a child eating demon, that's dark and mysterious,

    I love the wording, strong and powerful and very original

    You really did a great job on this, I love the emphesis on empty wombs, powerful piece