by CathyButterflyJC   Apr 13, 2012

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The wheel of time spins, spins to the beat of our heart or to the rays of the sun. How in reality it spins is a question that may never be answered. Like a Ferris wheel that breaks down by surprise you don't know when the wheels in your life are going to break down and stop turning. I myself wonder these questions when I lay in my bed at night, crying over a guy who decided he didn't love me and he didn't want to care about me like he promised, splitting all my hopes and dreams into irreversible pieces. I still yearn to go down into a cliff and live there for the rest of my life, away from the outside world, hidden from letdowns and excluded from chances of mistrust.
Stop you beg of this wheel, it spins and as it does it is taking your life away. The yarn can only hold so much memory so you lose the moments you try to grasp onto the dearest in your heart and in your dear thoughts. Please take me beg, you beg of the past, but the past is a cruel power and gives no exceptions to life. Won't bring back a far off friend, in heave up above, won't return the times you spend with the one you know you love, it goes unsaid everything in my head. I want to show up in a time machine and forget any doubt in my head.
FIX MY MISTAKES, because they haunt me with each turn that I take, please remember what I held so tightly between my fingers, now all my strength is misted, surpassed, and vanished. I am not invincible, but to returning to the past I am invisible, love is standing on its knees, looking in the future for just me. Hang on, the bar below the bridge won't fall, the wheel of time goes on, let this be a reminder to you, be careful with what you have, because any second it could become what you had!!!


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