by Faith Ann   Jun 17, 2012

They say that they are like brother and sister
but there is just something more
his face lights up when he sees her, he truly missed her
she was sad and alone until he appeared through the door

He use to be so shy around her and then she started talking to him
at first he would just politely and nervously smile
before she met him she was depressed and her life was so dim
she called him her bubby because she was in denial

they mess around and flirt all the time
people say they are just like family
everytime he talks she gets lost in his eyes
she is always so sad when he has to leave

Although she is fifteen and he is eighteen, maybe even nineteen
she doesnt care, in this case age really just is a number
Her work buddy said the two of them would make a perfect love team
even though the both of them are stubborn

He is everything she has been searching for
He is country, funny, and such a sweetheart
everything about him, there is so much more
she has liked him from the very start

He is close with her mother and she is close with his
she is afraid that will make things akward
she wonders if he thinks about her like she thinks about him

her mom says he is to old for her
but she doesnt care
does he feel the same? she isnt to sure
but all she can do is try, her heart can take a little tear


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